Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jeff Rense's New Psycho -Nut Link

Jeff Rense loves to link to sites that are anti Semitic, anti woman, and or racist. He loves that stuff. His newest darling is something called The Occidental Observer, which says, in its mission statement, that it's a site dealing with themes of white identity, which would "surely" be seen as wrong, psycho even, they say, but someone has to do it.

Two articles on the site that are linked to from are about Jewish comedian Sandra Bernhard. They don't like her because of her attacks on Sarah Palin. Lots of stuff about "if Bernhard had said "black," or some other race, she wouldn't have gotten away it" kind of comments.

Well, the whole issue of Christians appropriating the OT aside and Messianic Jews, etc. aside, what clearly escapes the pundits at "The Occidental" is the whole concept of power: who has it, who's had it, who wants to keep it going, who appropriates whom . Jews are a minority in this country. They're a minority everywhere, except for Israel. There are far more Muslims in this country than there are Jews. To be fair, that doesn't include, presumably, the number of Jews who decide they're not going to identify themselves as Jews. The opposite side of the coin are those non-Jews who are Christians who like to play Jew. Anyway, it's like what comedian Chris Rock said in his latest comedy special. To paraphrase, the skinny chick doesn't get to make fun of the fat chick; the fat chick can make fun of the skinny chick all she wants.

Most Jews in this country are of European origin, whether Eastern or not. Bigots and misogynistic writers like the ones at The Occidental like it both ways: white people ie Americans, "real" Americans, don't ya know, are often refereed to as Europeans. (Unless you're French. We all know the French are elite and hate America, and so if you have French blood don't cop to it. Say you're English or something.) White Americans of Euro descent have a really bad rap, say these types. Forgetting that many Jews are also of European descent. Ah, but many are of Eastern European descent, which is awfully suspicious! Take me for example; I"m Russian Jew, Ukrainian Russian Jew. Well, until they've changed it, now I'm not Russian anymore. Tell that to my family! Eastern Europeans are pinko commies, and that's a lot worse than elite French people.

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