Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Fringe, on the FOX (we say we're news but we lie) network, premired last night. Fringe is a sort of X Files (not as good, never as good, except maybe for Torchwood) and I enjoyed it. A bit predictable, but that's not always a bad thing; after all, it's not the fact you can predict what's coming, it's how it's done. They did a good job of bringing in a whole bunch of paranoid but that doesn't mean they're not watching you scenarios. Excellent!

In fact, one of my favorite lines from last night's show was "Excllent! Let's get some LSD." (Dr. Bishop.) I'm not sure if that's the exact quote but that's the idea.

The program did have one little twist I wasn't expecting, other than that, okay, so predictable, but as I said, no problem there.

I've always found it a strange sense of topsy turvy universe down the rabbit hole stuff that shows like X Files, Fringe, Prison Break, Millenium (a great show!) American Dad, and a host of others that deal with conspiracies, anti heroes, anti structure, and paranoia, are Fox Network programs. Fox, where news is only what they say it is, right wing clown shoes flap away, and lies are told with somber stone cold faces of truthiness, to paraphrase Stephen Colbert.

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Lesley said...

For some reason it started at 7:30 pm here. WTF? Hour long shows never start at 7:30. Well, anyhow I missed the first half hour and plan to catch that on Sunday.

I pretty much could understand what was going on after a few minutes and I liked it. Still I would expect it to get better. Normally first episodes are not the best on content because they are trying to introduce all the characters.

Regan Lee said...

It was an hour and a half, to set up the whole thing. I think they said they were going to repeat it this week sometime.. maybe check or something.