Sunday, June 22, 2008

Killer Trees in the UK!

However, it isn't funny. . .

Have they gone all out stark raving looney tunes mad hatter insane over there? I'm convinced that England is a very large laboratory, where all the fascist, NWO, corporate-globalist Illuminati Dr. Evil plans can be tested out before they try it elsewhere. Like here. Surveillance cameras, arresting people at the drop of a hat -- literally, it seems, or at least sausage bits -- RFID cards ... it gets worse.

Big Brother is here and he's stomping across the planet.

England wants to get rid of trees; mow them down. That's a bit dramatic, but what they want to do is have a lock stop tree inspection for all "garden trees" and if your tree isn't up to standards, it's done for, as New safety regulations for trees could lead to expensive inspections tells us.

Expensive inspections are to be paid for by owners. One reason why this is so bleak, while seeming funny, like "killer trees on the loose!" it isn't. Those without the money to pay for tree inspections will be treeless. The have nots end up living in gloomy, nature less projects, while those who can, live with tidy trees on their bright streets. On the surface it's a safety issue, they tell us, underneath, is more of the arbitrary rules sprung upon citizens, just for its own sake.

But most Americans don't care, they don't see it, they mock and accuse people who rant about these things as being "paranoid" or an alarmist or a crank. As long as we have our TVs and Dollar Stores and McDonald's, as long as we're not homeless and maybe have a bit of health insurance, we think we're living the good life and all is well. After all, no one's hassling the likes of us. So what's there to worry about?

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