Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jurassic Park comes true: How scientists are bringing dinosaurs back to life with the help of the humble chicken

Scientists with an astounding sense of entitlement (I mean, they're scientists and all!) are blithely going about bringing back the dinosaurs.
just like in the hit Steven Spielberg movie, these men and women are intent on cracking the genetic code of the dinosaurs and opening the possibility of bringing them back to life.

Yeah, okay: did they see those movies?

Professor Jack Horner, a paleontologist at Montana State University, says glibly:
'The science is there. I don’t think there are any barriers, other than the philosophical.’

Yes, that pesky philosophical stuff. Such a drag.

Then there’s this comment about paleontologist Hans Larsson of Canada’s McGill University:
He wanted to see if he could make a chicken grow a dinosaur’s tail, turning the clock back millions of years.

Manipulating the genetic make-up, he was able to extend the tail by a further three vertebrae.

It gets worse, like the part about Horner’s fantasy of walking up on stage with a “little dino chicken” walking behind him.

The understatement of the century is this comment: Pausing for a second, he adds:
Whether it is a good idea or not is another question...

It is very interesting; it’s fascinating that they can do these things, and the process of discovery is very exciting. But as they say, just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.

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