Saturday, May 31, 2008

Found! On! Evil Lesbo Jew Feminists! Wow! Who Knew?!

Look, don't bother. Don't bother arguing with me. No use. Rense is an anti Semitic, woman fearing, misogynistic fruitcake and that's that. I have good friends that disagree with me on this; so be it.

Aside from promoting throw backs like Henry Makow, Rense screeches every other link about Zionists, Jews, and the evil they do. You name it, Jews, er, Zionists, which are Jews you know, ah, to hell with it... anyway, Jew Zionists are responsible. The war, the money woes, AIDS, famine, the evils of the world, all the Jews fault.
(Update: the link doesn't work; and it seems to be gone from Hmmm...)

For some reason, feminism is mixed up with this; Rense, Makow, etc. see feminism as also an evil, started by Jewey Lesbos.

Here's a headline in the sidebar section of, where the special stuff gets posted. The Evils of Feminism.

Most feminists, they have you believe, are lesbians, which is also evil. So now we have a triple header here; Jew, Feminist, Lesbian. Wow, can't get more evil than that.

This site is bizarre, but that's a given. You scroll down through a series of Jewish Evil Lesbo Feminists with captions like Nearly Always Zionists - WHY? and other paranoid and prudish hysterical rantings.

Since these feminists like sex, whether it be hetro, homo or bi, they're perverts. Apparently women aren't supposed to be so open about sex. We're certainly not supposed to say we like it. And if you're over 40 and still like it, you're a pervert.

Another thing these Evil Lesbo Feminist Jews do is believe in freedom of thought,the promotion of thinking. We all know we can't have that!

So don't tell me Rense isn't racist, misogynist or anti-Semitic. He is. He thrives on it. He loves it. He happily promotes those that do the same. His little disclaimer that he has on his site doesn't mean a thing; it's a shallow attempt to cover his yellow journalistic ass.

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Lesley said...

I don't know whether Rense personally is a racist or sexist, but I have pretty much quit linking to his site. Mostly because a good percentage of the articles there I find offensive. I do occasionally link to a ufo related article, but even then if I can find it somewhere else I won't link to Rense simply because I don't want to help promote the other crap like Makow.

Let me also gripe about the radio show. Very little esoteric stuff on there now. The last couple times I tuned in it was nothing more than people selling stuff. One time vitamins and the next time magnetic mattresses. Those were the actual guests! As much as I hate Alex Jones ego and his whining about how he suffers to try to stop the NWO, at least his show is entertaining (even if at times it is in a rather sick way) and most times I am listening to wifi I choose it over Rense.