Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Henry Makow: It’s Okay To Be A Woman

"It's OKAY to be a woman, girls!"

Wow, that’s good news! Whew. Now that Henry Makow has told us it’s okay to be a woman, I feel so much safer and secure. I feel . . . womanly.

For those who don’t know Makow, here’s a brief overview: he’s Jewish, but a self-hating Jew who’s now a Christian, he believes that all the world’s ills, evil plots, horrors in history, and the Very Bad Really Evil Stuff like feminism and culture, were started by Jews, and run by Jews. Women are now self-hating mixed-up lost souls, and if we’d only give it all up and over to men, things would be much better all around. That, and get rid of the Jews. Makow created the board game Scruples, has a Ph.D believe it or not, and has his own website,Save the Males. Catchy, isn’t it? Jeff Rense loves him, featuring Makow as a regular contributor. Henry Makow is stuck in the 1950s in the worst way. He’s so whacked it’s hard to take what he says seriously, and I don’t,but what does worry me is that there are people who do take him seriously.

Okay, so it’s okay to be a woman. We need to be reassured of this, because today, we’re all horribly messed up, due to feminism and lesbianism (which, in Makow’s mind, are the same thing) and that's “poison for women.” Indeed, feminism has:
destroyed the things you most want and need, namely love, courtship and marriage.

All of Makow’s pieces are the same; they’re just arranged differently. It doesn't matter if the main topic is feminism, the Illuminati, pinko (Jew) commies, or what, he manages to tie all the other stuff in with whatever he’s writing about. It doesn’t take him long to get to his favorite subject: the evil Jew cabal that runs everything. What started feminism were the Jews, which:
was wholly sponsored by the central bankers in order to make women have careers instead of families.

"It's important to keep yourself looking fresh and pretty!"

Makow’s piece is concerned mostly with young women; I guess it’s spring time and he can’t help but notice all the young pretty skinny women out there in flippy little skirts, the old horn dog. Us older broads don’t count. We’re all lesbians anyway, as far as he’s concerned. His message to young women:
Just as flowers blossom now, you are at the height of your fertility at ages 18-26 and most attractive to males. This is the time when you must marry and have children if you want to be surrounded by loved ones when you are older. We are part of a natural cycle and we can't postpone nature.

Young women need to get busy and
“cultivate the qualities and skills desirable in a wife and a mother.”

Good great screaming goddess, “just as flowers blossom now, you are at the height of your fertility . . .” why does that remind me of a Kotex ad? One from the ‘50s, that is.
Makow closes with another warning about the evils of feminism, which is “social engineering.” Indeed, he wrote something called “Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order” which I shudder to dwell to long upon.

"Not only is keeping your looks in tip top shape a priority girls, keeping your home sparkling and clean is too! And remember, it's okay!"

As a side note, Makow e-mailed a couple of years back (yes, I’d been ranting on him that long now) and he was quite snippy, I must say! I have no idea why.


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Forgetting that the ethics rooted in Judaism and transmitted to the civilization of the western world demand that Israel is not beyond the criticism endured by any other body or entity...

"...the old horn dog." made me laugh out loud wondering how close to the mark you likely are given the paternalism Makow fronts for has made such an incrediblely wasteful and corrupt mess of things.
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