Monday, March 31, 2008

80 Year Old Deacon Arrested for Anti-War Activism

80 year old man, a deacon in a church, arrested in New York at a shopping mall for wearing an anti-war T shirt and handing out anti-war literature. Many people at the mall complained about the t shirt for "graphic anti-war images" which is described in the article as having:
had the death tolls of American military personnel and Iraqis - 4,000 and 1 million - and the words "Dead" and "Enough." The shirt also has three blotches resembling blood splatters.

Doesn't sound graphic to me. Dead maimed bodies, that's graphic.

This is one thing out of many things that I find depressing and frustrating when it comes to war; all those people who support it, who run around with stickers and Support Our Troops bumper stickers, yet can't deal with its reality. War is hell, war sucks, war kills and maims and ruins lives, war destroys economies, cultures and the environment -- you better know what you're supporting. If you're offended by the death counts of the very thing you're supporting, you're a hypocrite, at best.

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