Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Energy Saving "Green" Bulbs: Another Dr. Evil Plot?

Are these really bulbs of doom? . . .

Interesting article from the blog Looking Into Dark Places on those cool looking mad genius light bulbs. They’re bad. Seems they interfere with brain waves, radio waves, all kinds of waves:
The mini fluorescent bulbs that are currently recommended, due to missing out of 5 components (Diode capacitors and ferrite suppressors) are prodigious source of bio and environment EMI (Electromagnetic interference)."

Alan posits that mini fluorescents are dangerous to human beings and are also designed to interfere with long wave radio. The electromagnetic interference harmfully affects our brain stem and jams long (and some medium) wave broadcasts.
In the event that all light bulbs are replaced with the new energy saving light bulbs (called globes in Australia) all households will be prevented fom receiving distance long wave broadcasts.

I have noticed the most bizarre things happening with our TV sets lately since we replaced our old bulbs with these. Coincidence or something more sinister?


Lesley said...

I have been using those for years and never noticed any problem. I do kind of worry about disposing of them now because someone told me they contain mercury.

R. Lee said...

The weird tv business; I think really, it's more because both sets are old, one is about ten years old, and there's that whole "by 2008, if you don't get a new set, you won't be able to get anything more than a couple local stations" rumor.

Supposedly the new sets have a one way camera/microphone chip device Dr. Evil whatever in them that can monitor your every word and move.