Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I know I'm not the first person to point out the obvious here . . .

"Black" Friday, where the obsessed wait in long lines, camping out, even, for days, just so save a few dollars on something they don't even need.

In my town, it's been pretty cold past few nights, getting down to around 25. (Hey, that's cold; for a West Coast gal.) We also have, like most cities, a large homeless population. The irony and juxtaposition of those who stay out in the freezing cold nights, with the money to spend, on things they very likely could do without, with those who don't have the choice but are forced to stay outside, with no money, and no need for those things because, where and how? is obvious. In some countries people camp out in long cold lines for things like food, or toliet paper, here, we camp out so we can buy a big screen TV for cheap.

I am very fortunate; even in this old crappy dumpy house we live in, at least it's a house, and at least we both have jobs. And sure, there are some toys I'd like to have, like a video camera, or one of those turn table things that you can record your albums onto CDs. . . but I don't need them.

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