Monday, October 22, 2007

Review of Review of Makow's Cruel Hoax

See, I’ve been telling you all; Makow is not the only one who’s nuts; he has his fans. Just read the comments on his website. More bizarre, is that he has female fans as well as male fans.

Gregory M. Zeigler likes Makow so much he reviewed Makow’s book Cruel Hoax. He concurs with Makow’s belief that the “so-called” feminist movement had a specific and evil agenda:
First, contrary to its professed nature, the so-called feminist movement is anything but a grassroots, liberal, spontaneous Zeitgeist. Quite to the contrary, Makow traces its origins to a long-term plan by very elite banking interests to destroy the family as part of a grand goal of remaking a world social environment more conducive to absolute, despotic control. Second, Makow arrays a battery of facts to show that the so-called feminist movement is to the disadvantage of men, women, and children... but above all to the detriment of women, thus making it the Cruel Hoax.

Makow’s book is arranged in “chunks” easy to read, with sections such as: Feminism, Communism, and the NWO. (I love that juxtaposition) and How Heterosexuality Works. Hmm, that last one sounds intriguing, maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

Zeigler buys into Makow’s world view, agreeing with Makow that “men want power, women want love and security.” Men can’t function (ahem) if women get all uppity and stuff. Which then means men can’t contribute to family or society, and the world goes to hell in a handcart.

Makow, according to Zeigler, doesn't “have sympathy for the promotion of homosexuality” and yet, (allegedly) he has homosexual friends. Uh huh.

Ziegler addresses the issue of Makow’s anti-Semitism. Er, alleged anti-Semitism:
Makow has come under attack on the internet as an anti-semite or self-hating Jew. These attacks have been matched by attacks from demonstrably anti-semitic websites vilifying Makow as a sly defender of Jews for his constant reference to Illuminati rather than Jews as the architects of modern feminism and communism. Attacked from both sides, Makow has tried to assign blame where appropriate, but to refrain from casting aspersions on innocent people of all persuasions.

Whatever dahling. Ziegler insists Makow is a “true Torah Jew,” -- fergit about it.
Makow is bitterly opposed to the worship of the sex-goddess Astarte, or Ishtar. His God, to whom he freely refers, is a loving patriarchal God,

No surprise there.
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mehlam said...

Most people are conditioned to reject conspiracy theories. You have to read Makow's work with an open mind. I've read critiques of his work, but mostly its just the same tired feminist lingo about "gender roles" and "male oppression."

Nothing of substance.

You may be right about one thing, that Makow does not understand Judaism. The Talmud clearly teaches that gentiles are sub-human and cheating them is acceptable. Makow fails to realize this and claims that Judaism is about love and tolerance, but has been hijacked.

R. Lee said...

"the same tired feminist lingo?" Sigh.

I'm all about believing in conspiracy theories dahling, just not the ones that smear an entire group of humans with blame for all the ills of the world as a cover for bigotry.

As to the Talmud, Judaism as relligion, etc. and your views -- well, er, thanks for sharing.

But please, take your anti-Semitic ravings elsewhere.

And have a nice day!

Juan said...

Try getting out of your comfort zone, go out into the real world.

Walk the dangerous streets, get a corporate job so you can get your throat slit!

Men are needed now more than ever, you think that little boy with his emo-vegan philosophy will be able to get you a home? Is that little boy even capable of having confidence in himself to accomplish anything....

Ask yourself that. Your fantasy man is just that, an egocentric male model that is probably homosexual. Whoops! Reality bites.

The Q Blog said...

Regan, he hasn't smeared any group of humans. He hasn't said anything about women being evil or women being to blame for the world's evils.

On the other hand, feminism does smear men and basically implies that men are to blame for everything. It's understandable considering that the easiest way to destroy a man's sense of purpose and masculine core is to turn the woman he loves against him.

Hey Juan, I'm vegan and far from being a "little emo-boy". Real men don't hurt animals unless it's a survival situation, which it is not in this culture. In fact, eating meat is a threat to our survival.