Sunday, October 21, 2007


Mango, one of my cats. I love this guy. He is one smart funny quirky little cat dude.
I named him Mango because of his personality, after the character Mango from SNL. That character was very much a drama queen, hot one minute, cold the next. Mango the cat came to us from a few houses down; the bastards just upped and moved and left him behind. One of our cats brought him home. That was three years ago and now Mango is just such a joy. Five cats, way too many, and I won't do it again, but I'm glad we took him in and kept him, even though it meant being officially crowned "the crazy cat lady down the street."


Lesley said...

Mango is adorable!

R. Lee said...

He is SO cute! Very funny and smart too. Cats aren't usually funny, but this guy sure is!

R. Lee said...

Oh, and the reason why his mouth is open is because he has some kind of breathing problem, (probably, as the vet said, from being left out for months in the cold at a young age after being a "house kitty" -- the bastards!) but it doesn't seem to be a problem, he "snorltes' and yet he has so much energy!