Friday, September 21, 2007

We're turtles for the taking

So says this guy on The Darker Side of UFOs. His ideas may be the case, who knows. My point here isn't the specific content, it's the overall tone. Dark indeed. We're all lunch. Dinner. Food. For "them."

It occurred to me that this dark view is just what likes. All that purple prose yellow journalism stuff. Fear, run for your lives, poison, evil Jews, etc. It's all awful terrible horrible dreary stuff, and you can find it on!

I'm not naive. We need to know the truth, and much of what appears on you won't find other places. The facts of a thing. But just as much, well, they're not the facts, the truth, they're opinions. And dark, bleak opinions of paranoia, fear, bigotry.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think holding hands and singing folk songs is going to solve the problems of the world, or stop the madness in Iraq (our doing) or heal the earth.

But I can't help the feeling I get from that he/they like it; somehow revel in the exploitation.

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Lesley said...

I like his solution at the end because it really isn't a solution there are too many ifs involved in it.