Sunday, September 9, 2007

Study on left-wing, right-wing: If that’s So, Why Diss Ghosts?

I’ve long held the opinion that liberals, those on the left, (as am I) get very nervous around UFOs and related topics, and suddenly turn into pompous, smug, “enlightened” randi-bots if you start talking ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I was just having this conversation the other day with a couple of people; we’re all good lefties, each of us, and yet there’s no way we can expect our bros and sistahs to get with the program once we’ve changed the channel to haunted house central.

On Arianna Huffington’s blog there’s a link to a study that found left wingers and right wingers think differently. Duh. This is what they found:
Previous psychological studies have found that conservatives tend to be more structured and persistent in their judgments whereas liberals are more open to new experiences. The latest study found those traits are not confined to political situations but also influence everyday decisions.

Okay, sounds good. But why is that this same openness isn’t carried over to fringe topics like UFOs, etc?

Of course, my opinion is only my opinion based on personal experience, I’ve never done a scientific study on this. And I know plenty of leftists who aren’t squeamish around these topics, not at all. Just seems that overall, most liberals really get that “glassy eyed stare” when you bring up UFOs, etc. and you can just tell you’ve gone down about 100 points in their estimation of you.
Study finds left-wing brain, right-wing brain,0,5982337.story?coll=la-home-center

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