Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rense Rinse

Jeff Rense can always be counted on for bringing both disingenuous and more overt, even vile at time, anti-Semitic links to our attention. Like conspiracies in general, UFOs, the paranormal, Bigfoot and all other kinds of high strangeness Fortean stuff, accusing/exposing/bringing to light anti-Semitism is just not at all fashionable, particularly on the left.

I was just having this conversation with someone today; we’re all good lefty liberals, but when it comes to the above subjects -- including the ever growing belief the U.S. staged the events of 9/11 -- we’re no longer welcome. For the most part, the Left doesn’t want a damn thing to do with any of it.

Anyway. I followed this headline/link on Jewry Should Sue The Jewish
Bankers Who Financed It
, which didn’t have an author cited, but it did have a link to: Jewish Following that, I found a blog of the same name, with a link to its website. That site has such items as The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein (er, can a Jew be a saint?) by someone named Christopher Jon Bjerknes and Christian Zionism: A Contradiction in Terms. Bjerknes is responsible for most all of the material on his blog and site. It's the typical confusing jumbled mess of wrongly applied hate, but it always surprises me (I don't know why) when I find things like this.

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