Monday, September 17, 2007

Htichcock's The Birds: A True Fortean Film

I'm a Hitchcock fan, and love all his films. I enjoy The Birds very much, but in my opinion not one of his best; not one of my top favorites. But that's almost a non issue, since it's still a good film and a classic.

AMC is showing Hitchcock films all this week; last night was Dial M for Murder, tonight was Rope and The Birds. All very very enjoyable.

I'll watch any Hitchcock film when it comes on, and have seen The Birds many many times. Tonight I was reminded that it's really a Fortean film. The birds appear, for no "reason." And none is given. It's a freakish, unexpected, weird thing that happens, suddenly, and seemingly stops suddenly. At least, the main characters get away, and yet . . .

Why did the birds, so many thousands of them, come? Why did they come there? No answers. Just the frightening, anomalous experience in a small town.

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