Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Women were intended to carry children, not pianos"

Just had to do it, couldn’t help myself. Not to worry, this isn't a rant because it's so incredibly stupid -- though a tad scary nonetheless -- you can't take it seriously. (though the knowledge that Makow takes it seriously is disturbing.) Here’s another classic from Henry Makow titled "Women Forced to Seek Power, Not Love." Who's forcing them, by the way? Dahling, do you have to ask? Pinko Jew Commie Lesbo Bankers of the New World Order, silly!

In this fine piece of writing Makow is disturbed by the fact a young woman was moving furniture around. Not only that, she liked it!
Equality! What a boon for women! In the bad old days, women wouldn't be allowed to do hard physical labor like this.

Except for slaves. And peasants. The poor. Women of the wrong class, race, ethnic or socio-economic group. Etc. Otherwise, yeah.
This is a bright girl in a Pre-Med program. Yet she was so easily duped to deny her femininity. They told her it is "socially constructed" and she must be "independent." So she represses her biological instincts and stunts her natural development.

As usual, Makow makes a sweeping statement as if it’s fact. I guess his source is The Cabal of Femininity Denial. Written by pinko commie Jew lesbos no doubt.
Women were intended to carry children, not pianos.

This was my chuckle for the day. A great line! Must be that “elaborate reproductive apparatus.” Makow refers to here.
Men are fulfilled by supporting and leading a family. Women are fulfilled by devotion to husband and family and by experiencing their love. ( Women can have careers but, for most, marriage and family should be their first priority.)

Not worth commenting, just had to share.

Makow’s concern for this young pre-med student is touching. He worries about her chances for “turning heads” if she continues on such an anti-womanly task as moving furniture:
The East Indian girl's charm and beauty would inspire many a man to nest. But with all the study and heavy lifting, her bloom will fade and she'll gain weight. By the time she graduates, she won't turn heads any longer.

Makow shares some whiny letters from men who can’t find a woman who isn’t afraid to be the woman she’s meant to be. Instead she wants to be educated. She’s out of touch with her “real woman” woman-ness:
"She however inside was a real woman. I treated her like a man should. I was in control. As I must be in any of my relationships. She loved me for it.

One of Makow’s refrains is the “power” exchange between heterosexual men and women. Men have power, women dig it and give their body unto said male; everyone’s happy. Ah, masterful men, riding the moors, whips in hand, their wild dark eyes lusty with . . . oh, sorry. Makow does that to you. Never mind. . .

Of course, it’s all the feminists fault. I wondered how long it’d take him to mention feminists, and he manages to get his usual digs in at the Jew commie pinko New World Order:
The ultimate goal is a banker-run totalitarian "New World Order." What we think of as "money" is really central banker "credit." They want to consolidate their fraudulent monopoly, eventually controlling you with their "credit" card in your body.

Now you need to understand then when Makow and others who share his views (and believe me dahlings, there are others; brought to you courtesy of Rense.com) use phrases like “New World Order,” “banker” etc. they really mean Jews. Trust me on that one.

At least there’s a letter at the end of Makow’s piece from a proud father of daughters who tells Makow:
My daughters do not live their lives to please you or the bone-headed thinking of intimidated males who do not know the first thing about freedom because they are slaves to believing women should serve them.

No response from Makow to that; too bad, it'd be sure to be amusing.

Well, signing off, and I urge you to go back to having fun with the Monty Python clips on the sidebar here.

Source: http://www.rense.com/general78/power.htm

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Lesley said...

Does this idiot ever shut up?

Yes, you are completely right, women have always done "heavy lifting" and other manly labor. Not women of the upper class, but most women have. If not for the pioneer women this country would have never expanded and I assure Madkow that those women did plenty of heavy lifting, along with plowing fields and all kind of other "manish" tasks. At the same time they managed to raise families, doing most of the caring for of the children themselves, go to church and do all the sewing and "womanly" tasks. If all this stuff had been left up to a man the children would have probably been naked and starving.