Monday, August 27, 2007

Rense Watch: Another Misogynist Anti-Semite Clown Shoe

This time it’s a dull headed bozo rant from some clown shoe by name of
Mark Glen, whose piece gleefully gets posted on, home of the “I’m not anti-Semitic, who, moi?” Jew hating misogynist creep. I know, I know, other UFO and fringe pundits I respect very much disagree with me, but, that’s okay. On this, we agree to disagree.

I found this link on the wonderful and decidedly unique Colin Bennett site: Combat Diaries. Just thought I’d give him a plug.

Okay, here’s Glen’s boorish tripe. It’s entitled Because It’s Funny When Jews Do It. He doesn’t think comedian Sarah Silverman is funny. That’s okay, I kind of like her, but I don’t think much of her show; all that over the top spoiled self centered schtick isn’t good comedy, in my opinion. But that’s just my inner culture critic talking.

But for Glen, it’s more than just not being funny. It’s an evil cabal of nasty Jews once again thrusting ourselves into polite society.

Glen starts off by referring to Jews as “them” as if he can’t bring himself to type the word Jew:
Just when you think they have had their fill, when they couldn't possibly fit any more into their collective gullet after engorging themselves at the buffet table of vulgar, brutish, boorish behavior, well, surprise, surprise, they come along and one-up themselves, just as they always have, always do, and unfortunately for the rest of us, always will.

Aside from being jew-phobic, he’s misogynistic. Instead of using Ms. he writes “Mz.’ This of course is an attempt to mock and therefore trivialize the use of Ms. feh! What a nebbish.
Well, what ‘s offended Glen so deeply is Silverman’s joke:
I hope the Jews did kill Christ I'd do it again. I'd fucking do it again-in a second."

'Must be a mistake' I thought to myself. 'They're not that bold yet'.
Given the historical fact, still all too actively present today, that many Christians and non-Christians alike harbor some kind of “Jews killed Christ” mentality, the context of Silverman -- or any Jewish comedian -- making a joke like that is understandable. I can see why a Christian might be offended, but the depth and breadth of Glen’s offense seems as over the top as the thing he’s criticizing. I mean, dig his “they're not that bold yet” comment.
Actually, in some ways he has the following right, but for all the wrong reasons, which are rooted in vile bigotry:
The fact is, we do not know what it is like to think with a Jewish mind and to see things through Jewish eyes. . . We were not cut from the same cloth. We are not fruit that has fallen from the same tree. We Gentiles do not think like our Jewish counterparts, the history of the last 2,000 years being proof positive of this. As long as we remain Gentile and they remain Jewish we will never see eye to eye, just as we never have, something that they realize all-too-well despite the fact that we do not.

In other words, beware the Jew. Unless he/she converts, ignoring all the cultural/ethnic issues of said aposataphy, and even then, we remain suspect.
Glen writes that movies such as “Last Temptation of Christ” and ‘The Da Vinci Code” portrayed Christ as a “buffoon.” don’t know if Glen is ignorant of the fact that “Last Temptation” was a brilliant novel written by Nikos Kazantzakis; the book was as controversial in its day as the film was later. While the movie was poor in my opinion (an attempt at artistic experimentation that didn’t work) it was directed by a Catholic, and starred both Gentiles and Jews. Oh, and by the way, Christ was a Jew.
Da Vinci code; entertaining movie but kind of silly, but based on very old beliefs, nothing new there.

Glen says of some atheists that they ‘nurse a predatory mindset when it comes to dealing with their fellow man” and comments on the “sewer of Jewish Talmudic thinking,”

Glen searches the net for some kind of saving grace commentary by Silverman, but alas, all he finds is:
What I found instead was a whole lot of other garbage she had defecated out of that refined, Jewish mouth hooked up to that wonderful Jewish soul that we Gentiles are regularly told by the proper Jewish authorities is superior to the souls of us non-Jews and found as well a whole smorgasbord of other goodies that illustrate why these folks think they are so superior to the rest of us: In-depth, no-holds-barred discussions about anal sex, oral sex, incest, abortion, rape, bestiality, masturbation, jokes about people starving to death or dying of disease, you name it.


You know, the whole point of this is the emphasis on the Jew comedian part. Can you imagine how silly a rant like this would be about Christian comedians? Or how offensive and politically incorrect rants like this would be if they were about black humor, or any other group, including Islam?

Glen, not surprisingly, believes the media is owned and controlled by Jews, who are of course up to no good . And in typical surreal justification of the bigot/troll/abuser, turns it around to call the very thing he attacks as responsible for anti-Semitism. Jesus was a Jew, so anything Jews say “against” Jesus is anti-Semitic. Boy, that kind of pretzel like thinking can really injure your back. “It’s your fault you made me hit you,” kind of thing.

Glen quotes an allegedly Jewish friend of his, grilling him the Jewish community’s lack of outrage at “Mz.” Silverman’s comedy. I find it hard to believe Glen would have a sincere friend who’s Jewish, but anyway. The tirade goes on, in typical style.

At one point he calls Silverman a “filthy-mouthed gypsy” and this is interesting. Does he do this because he’s also anti-gypsy, and ignorant of the Jewish-gypsy connection through history? Or he is aware of it, and it matters not, since both are beneath contempt, possibly “gypsy” being worse than even a Jew? Gypsies were also murdered by the Nazis; clearly there is a snide innuendo here. Either way, another ethnic slur.

Glen ends with warnings about Jews in general. Don’t trust them, don’t believe them, don’t be fooled by them. Us. Whatever.

Rense is responsible for what he posts on his website, and he goes to great lengths to post links such as this with gusto. And for that reason I hold Rense as responsible as Glen, Makow and other idiots who have found a place that will link to their ignorant crap.

I’m not angry; I got over that years ago. It was just a given in the world that some kids parents didn't like me because I was Jewish, including half my own family. Just a given that you work with people who are ignorant, and when set straight on misconceptions. continue on with their ignorance. Just a given some people think nothing of using bigoted phrases right in front of you. Just a given some people can’t make the distinction between the horrors of war, and Israel’s right to exist. Just a given that people harbor all kinds of bigotry towards another group of people, be it Jews or whoever.

So no, I’m not “mad” or even offended; I can’t waste my time on hating back, for I don’t. But it is important to me to hold these people accountable, and expose their silly little asses for the bean brained piss ants they are.

It’s more like a “just when you think” kind of thing. Hard to believe there are still people who are so damn anti-Semitic, so damn anti-woman, so damn anti-whatever out there spewing their stuff. And, while I know that a lot of people in this field that I admire strongly disagree with me about Rense, I think it’s important he be held up for what he is.

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