Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More on "Women were meant to carry children, not pianos"

I didn’t think there’d be a “Part II” when I posted the first part yesterday; but here we go.

I mentioned at the end of the item yesterday that there was one letter writer who didn’t think like Mad Makow, but no comments from Makow. This was on the website.

But the original article is on Makow’s website, along with comments by readers, some of which are downright scary, like this one from "Mark", a reader and obvious fan. Mark doesn’t think women are worth much of anything, given his comments. For one thing, women are being “enticed by Satan,” and of course, yes, you guessed it, “The New World Order” and “Zionists”
What it comes down to for Satan, and people making "choices". I can no longer accept that millions of young women are this stupid. If they can study books then they can educate themselves on who is pulling the strings,and why.

Women have always sought power thru males, and using their femininity to lure in a mate, but these new breeds of females are psychotic and delusional.

Feminism's destructive nature isn't seen until women get older. What they accept as young girls, they think is healthy and good for them. By the time they wake up, fearful,afraid, alone and disoriented, they are nearing 40...

Mark, dahling, don’t you know 50 is the new 40? Maybe Mark thinks, like Makow, that women’s “elaborate reproductive apparatus” goes kaput at 40 (untrue sweetie pie!) and that being the case, what possible use are women? Once that‘elaborate reproductive apparatus” fails, it's all over.

“Carter” loves Makow too. Poor Carter was “torn asunder” by feminists as a child.
All of my life I have instinctively hated feminism and have been been called every politically correct name in the book. Your
words remind me very much of my father's advice when I was growing up(especially your politically incorrect advice for young men). But your second opinion has given me new strength to keep exposing feminism for the new world order hoax that it is. I greatly look forward to reading your book and learning even more. Thank you again for your inspiring words and warnings about the satanic new world order. Thank God it will
be short-lived!

“Coustana” comments, bravely, with facts and logic, but Makow pooh-poohs her with this dismissive comment:
Thanks for this. I am not blaming women for anything except being brainwashed. Yes some men are little Hitlers but the majority are responsible husbands and fathers. You are never going to heal society while you degrade men. -Henry

Er, Henry. Dahling. Your consistent contention that women are too stupid to realize we’re being brainwashed is degrading, don’t ya think? (Of course, in the big picture, we’re all being “brainwashed” but that’s another story.)

As I said yesterday, it’s scary enough people like Makow are running around writing this stuff; it’s far scarier that he has a following who agree with him.


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