Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Illustration of Why I Hate Oregon; Or, I Love Craig Ferguson

Okay, I don't hate Oregon. Not at all. That was just to get you to read this. However, I don't like where I'm living and much of the reason is the smugness factor in a lot of Oregon citizens and places. And I don't like Eugene, I do hate that. I live in Eugene, which is fifty miles from the coast. I'm not wired right anyway, so it figures that most people love Eugene. They LOVE it. Love it love it love it. Besides being inside the "Valley of Death" (really, it's called that, due to severe allergies caused by god knows what and field burning; all that muck gets trapped in the valley) I'm too far away from the coast. A quarter mile is too far from the coast, so you see what I mean. Call me a misanthropic kind of dame, but there it is.

Among the many little annoying things about Oregon's particular zeitgeist is the smug, self-righteous attitude among Oregonians. I don't know what it is, or what makes Oregonians think they're so damn superior, but here's a message from me to a whole of you "natives" (as in, "hell yes I was born in Oregon and you weren't so you better be moving on before we shoot you with our deer hunting rifle") get over yourselves.

You know, a day or so after 9/11, some little hippie chicklet (I'm an old hippie, though hardly a chicklet, so I can say that) said that it too bad all of NY didn't blow up.

Anyway. Like that; smugness is in the state constitution.

So I just sighed and said to myself it figures when I read this on Wikipedia's entry on comedian, actor and writer Craig Ferguson, who has been trying to get various states and cities to make him an honorary citizen:

* One locality in the US that has refused such an honor to Craig Ferguson is Portland, Oregon. A viewer had sent a request to Portland mayor Tom Potter. She received a response saying:

"There are no plans to make Craig Ferguson a citizen at this time, Portland does not have an established tradition for offering this honor. If we did, our inclination would be to award the honor based on social and humanitarian accomplishments, rather than the privilege of hosting a television show.

Craig then used multiple profanities when referring to Mayor Tom Potter which had to be bleeped. Later in the show, when adjusting his map showing where he has been made an honorary citizen, he placed a photo of Michael Moore's head on top of Portland.[16]

Oh for crying out loud. Some of us take ourselves just a wee bit too seriously, eh?

It's true the city of Springfield painted their giant concrete horse yellow in an effort to get the Simpson's movie people out here. In a blatant case of voting fraud (I'm sure) Springfield (just a couple of miles that a way from where I sit; Eugene and Springfield have been at war ever since the cities were created. Something to do with railroads and who knows all else. Basically, "smart" cultured people live in Eugene, cowboy ignorant Confederate flag waving hicks live in Springfield. Yeah, right) lost out to some where back East. Since it wasn't us, er, Springfield, I don't care who won. So that shows some Oregonians have a sense of humor.

But really, Oregon, lighten up for Christ's sake.


Lesley said...

There is some of that here, but not as bad as it sounds there. It is so silly!
I remember when I was in Rome, I was told that you are not considered to be a Roman until your family has lived in Rome for 10 generations. Maybe they could pass a law like that in Oregon and then they would have an official reason to look down their noses at people.

R. Lee said...

Oregon is big on "Don't Californicate Oregon" which means, keep Oregon Oregon, I guess. But then, don't sell your property to people from California, how's that!

I've lived here for almost 30 years; and, my mother, grandmother, were born in Oregon. My grandfather was mayor of a small Oregon town. But oh no, I'm from California, so I'm evil.

I could go on and on, but I won't.

It's a beautiful state and I do like it, just not Eugene.

Hopefully we'll be moving this year ...

I know one thing, Oregon drivers can learn from California ones, heh.

Anyway, I like Craig Ferguson, cracks me up. Just thought it was pretty snooty of Portland, lol.

CindyPDX said...
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CindyPDX said...

Ahh Regan! It's not so bad! After all, we're one of only 3 states (I believe) that DON'T PUMP THEIR OWN GAS (sucks when I visit Washington or Cali, 'cause I am CLUELESS on how to pump my own gas! LOL) And we don't have sales tax (although my property tax has gone up 43% since I bought this ol' 1910 house in 1991) . Oh, and let's not forget that of the 3 contiguous Western US States, 95% of our beaches still remain as PUBLIC ACCESS.

Oregon does set it self off from the rest of the US. We can't stand Bush, (always pissing the Bush Admin off!). Often people even born in the US, forget where we are (Keiko from "Free Willy" movies at least sort of put us on the map! LOL) And we really have the attitude of "Go do your thing, as long as you're not hurting anyone!"

I've been to France, Belgium, Holland (my favorite country), the UK, Canada, and a few various places in the US. And if I have to STAY in the USA, I definately prefer to live in Oregon where "we don't tan but RUST instead!" LOL

Yours truly,
Just a "tree hugger" :)

R. Lee said...


that's all true. I do like that you can't pump your own gas! I finally learned recently when I went to California, but I hated it. No sales tax is nice too.

Outside of Portland and Eugene, it isn't liberal, but there are enough to make up for it and you're right, it's a liberal state in many ways.

Still.. lol, it just irks me, all this smugness that seems to be everywhere.

take care,