Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Peace, Just . . . Peace

What is it about that one word, that simple word, "peace" that offends?

Peace without agenda, without a story, without politics, bias, political parties. Peace whether or not you or I have served, you or I have loved ones who have, you or I have had loved ones suffer, or die, because they've served.

Peace, knowing that many of us have killed, maimed, and tortued many of them.

Peace, knowing that many of them, have killed, maimed, and tortured us.

Just, Peace. peace.

A vision, a hope, a wish, a desire.

When offered two options, given two choices: war, peace,
Why not choose peace?

Peace does not say "I am for "them" -- I am for all those you or I decide are enemies. Who are our enemies.
Peace does not say "I hate my own countrymen, and women, and children. . . I wish ill upon my land."
Peace does not say "I disrespect those who have died in the name of war, of freedom,"

Peace only says: peace.

I stood with Women in Black yesterday, for the first time. A silent vigil, simple, for thirty minutes. Thoughts came to me as I was standing there in the setting hot sun on one of the busiest rush hour intersections in town, and I had to realize the commitment to peace within myself. It's not always easy, so quick to explain, when it comes to personal stories. But overall, ultimately, it's only about one thing: peace.

A word. It's only a word. A five letter word.
That holds within it such power.
Power for change.
Power for . . .peace.

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