Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Don't Stare at the Chimps, and More:

Don’t Stare at the Chimps
And while we’re at it, don’t tap loudly on the aquarium glass.

Zoo asks visitors not to stare at the chimps.

Let’s hope this goes through:

Bill Would Ban Wild Animals as Pets
(source: KEZI)
SALEM, Ore. -- Pet-owners, listen up. Law-makers in Salem are working on a new bill which would ban the ownership of any type of exotic animal. Wolves, monkeys, alligators, tigers and bears would *all* be off-limits.

The bill is in response to a pair of "wild animal" events earlier in the month. A few weeks ago -- a pet alligator escaped from a home in Coos Bay. Recently -- a pet monkey escaped from its cage in Lincoln county, hitting the streets -- and running through neighborhoods. Both animals were re-captured, but they aren't the only cases where wild animals have went on the loose in Oregon's history.

It brings up the issue as to what kinds of animals should be allowed, for private ownership. Law-makers say -- House Bill 3437 aims to protect both public safety and animal welfare. It would ban future possession of wildlife, along with Alligators, Crocodiles and Caimans.

"Best Friends" Pet Store in Eugene sells Alligators. The owners say, the law goes too far. "I don't own an alligator, but i think you should have the right to do that," said owner Patti Florek.

A House committee will look at the bill this Thursday. Local pet-store owners are worried -- the bill will mean more restrictions about domestic pet sales in the future.

You don’t have a “right” to own an alligator. What the hell is wrong with people? (Don’t answer that.)

Alligator Clogs
Speaking of alligators: more alligator in the sewer news:
Dead alligator found clogging drain.

Winged Weirdies
The good Lesley, of the Debris Field blog, Beyond the Dial column in UFO Magazine, and Grey Matters on Binnall of America, writes about Big Birdies and Winged Weirdies for Grey Matters. I’m with Lesley; it’s a fascinating topic.

New York City Whale Dies
NYC Whale Beaches Itself, Dies Suddenly


NEW YORK - A young whale that swam aimlessly for two days in a small bay off an industrial section of Brooklyn beached itself at an oil depot dock Wednesday and died suddenly. Animal activists said the minke whale, about a year old, was too young to survive on its own. (more at link)

From Mary Alice Bennett on UFO Digest: Manta UFOs as Living Creatures and
the Nature of Aquatic Cryptids:

Paranormal Corridor Southwest
by Mary Alice Bennett

Farmer dyes sheep red. Next: he’ll create mini crop circles in their wool.

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