Friday, March 30, 2007

Chocolate Jesus

Storm over chocolate Jesus

A New York art gallery is set to exhibit a milk chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ in the run-up to Easter.

The 6ft sculpture, entitled 'My Sweet Lord', depicts Jesus naked on the cross, reports the BBC.

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Source: Ananova,

Stuffed bunny toys deliver baskets of brightly colored plastic grass cradling hard plastic eggs stuffed with sugary jelly beans and chocolate eggs as part of Christ and the whole risen from the dead thing, where he is previously depicted in forms of wood, plaster and plastic, dribbled in red paint, hung up on walls. I'm sure all this makes sense to someone somewhere.


GM mosquito is developed to stop spread of malaria
By Thair Shaikh
Published: 20 March 2007

Genetically-engineered mosquitoes that cannot transmit malaria could help stop the spread of the illness, according to a new study.

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Source: The Independent